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Food & beverage

Packaging for food & beverage

The production of food and beverage packaging requires the utmost care to ensure product safety and quality. In our commitment to the highest quality, we are dedicated to providing customized food box solutions, putting in place rigorous measures to ensure maximum safety and suitability for food contact.

Our specific expertise and specialized procedures have been developed specifically to dedicate ourselves to the manufacture of food and beverage packaging. We use advanced technologies and specific materials, such as low-migration inks, which safeguard consumer health, and materials with grease barriers and low-temperature resistance, which ensure optimal freshness and preservation of food and beverages.

Wide range of customized food packaging

Our range of services spans different sectors of the food industry. We provide customized packaging solutions for:

In addition to solutions to contain and dress your products, we also offer promotional materials such as floor and countertop displays, as well as innovative tools such as rotairs, specially designed to highlight and promote your food products and distinguish them from the competition.

Personalized food boxes as a branding tool

Excellent food packaging not only protects your product but conveys your company’s image and emotions: that’s added value.
Our specialization in food and beverage packaging ensures you customized solutions that match, and often exceed, expectations, as well as comprehensive support.